Spring is so definitely here. Its March so it must be. Although, Megan has decided its not spring until we have a daffodil in flower, which we don’t. But that would make it still winter, and that just feels wrong? The weather has been largely beautiful this week so I have spent a lot of time in the garden planning and marvelling at all the plants springing into life.










The tulips are looking stunning and I don’t even know what colour they will be yet! and then there are the hidden jewels – I think this could be a hellebore coming up amongst the brambles?










We have an absolute jungle of weeds, the celandine is everywhere but somehow its hard to hold a grudge when it looks this pretty

The sudden surge of energy in the garden seems to be spreading to everything else, the lambs have arrived, Gilbert our cockrel has started bonking the hens and Andy has had an irresistable urge to start planting his seeds… in our brand new minature greenhouse. Only slight disaster is that as soon as it was erected and full of seed trays we got a bit of a strong wind and the whole lot toppled over. Talk about landing buttered side down – I ended up having to scoop a large mangled mess of compost and seeds back into a bucket. mini-greenhouse-disaster-sm1

On the plus side, we’ve also had a couple of heavy frosts this week that probably would have killed of any germination anyway!

Today we have been rummaging around garden centres one closeish to us was having a closing down sale, although when we got there it had pretty much already closed. However, we did manage to get a couple of half price terracota pots and the seeds were down to 50p a packet – there was next to no useful veg left but at that price, I was allowed to go a bit mad on the floral side. As a result I shall be mostly trying to grow my own bedding plants from seed. Without a proper greenhouse I am not sure how successful this will be, but I will keep you posted.


I can’t tell you how excited I’ve been re-exploring the garden after the snow melted. This weekend in particular so many things are springing into life. This is our first spring in the garden so there are allsorts of hidden surprises we missed last year, only moving in the July. We have stunning displays of snowdrops at the base of the hedges and huge clumps of daffodils, bluebells and I think probably hyacinthes and tulips are popping up all over the place. You have to be careful where you step for fear of tromping on them, especially as all our wellies have double to footprint due to all the mud!



Of course the downside is that I am slowly being reminded of the battle we are going to have with the weeds. The ground elder was horrendous last year and I can already see the fresh leaves starting to emerge. I pretty much ignored it last year and I’m sure will pay the price this year – if anyone knows any brilliant ways to get shot if it then please let me know!