A small space for the only man in the house to do manstuff – maybe constructive stuff but probably mostly destruction.  

Prestigious Pallet Practices  

After incessant pestering of Matthew to get his firm to drop some wooden pallets off (thanks Mr B!), I’ve managed to do a few easy and yet rather satisfying projects with them.  

The first project was to construct a den for the kids and although extremely shoddy workmanship was involved, nothing but appreciation was voiced by the little folk.   

Stepping up a notch was the improvement of the compost heap.  Two compost heaps are apparently better than one according to both written and verbal opinion as it allows you to have one active bin with the other slowly festering away.  So with this in mind I used a couple of intact pallets to do the business.  As you’ll note from the photo I had to remortgage the house as the materials were so expensive (apoligies for poor quality photo but this in it’s own right captures the workmanship involved here…).  

Compost Bin Compost Bin


Following the award winning success of the compost bin I moved into the less well understood arena of wood store construction .  We’ve a wood burning stove that devours wood quicker than Scott Mills sucks the life force from humanity and therefore we need a fair amount of storage space for wood to see us through the harsh arctic winters.  We currently store chopped wood in an old, and I hasten to add decommissioned out-house, and also a lean-to fashioned from old bits of corrugated sheeting.  It was the latter of which that needed improvement as I’m sure we we getting funny looks from passers by.The Blue GateSo after developing a detailed project control plan and completing a robust cost benefit analysis through detailed consultation with a wide ranging array of stakeholders work commenced.  Basically I ripped apart more pallets, nailed them and an old door to some posts and an existing shed, and then attached the old bits of corrugated sheeting.  Interestingly (if your that way inclined), it turns out that you can just drive nails straight through the sheeting into timbers using nothing more than a hammer.  The resultant product is featured below and note the pallet at the front is not actually part of the construction. I just like taking pictures of pallets.  Sorry.


The finished store



Co-op Coup
The long-planned pimping of the chicken coup was finally commenced in earnest in September 2009.   Talented and highly skilled carpenters, ground workers and roofers from the Monmouthshire area were somewhat held back by the clueless, yet enthusiastic  Project Manager.  Though it’s possible, though unprovable, that workmanship did start to decline slightly upon the introduction of several bottles of very nice Ty Gwyn cider by the catering staff. 

He He He


The main project works involved the erection of a 6′ x 4′ garden shed placed on top of concrete blocks.  Getting the level playing field was the hardest part.  There were also plenty of quite frankly outlandish accusations of the Project Manager having a shoddy tool set, especially during sizing the roofing timber.  Anyway, the plan all came together and the majority of the shed was erected before the BBQ, tended by Glen, turned into a raging inferno and the bottom falling out.The day finished with a completed, and in all probability wonky coup.  Over the next few weekends the Project Manager was left to single handle de-snag and rectify the hundred or so construction defects made by the original team (not really it was fine) and the do a bit of pimping.  this basically involved cutting holes in the shed to create a small chicken entrance and also a larger hole at the rear for to enable access to the nest boxes.  Then nest boxes were added inside the shed at its rear along with a big, felted flap attached to the external rear wall over the large hole complete with hinges and bolt.  Hazel branches were cut to create several roosting perches and the finishing touch was a wooden access ramp for the chucks.

I don't care how much it cost, it's definitely on the piss.


 Ground-elder Genocide
According to Wikipedia the ground-elder (Aegopodium podagraria) is in the carrot family (Apiaceae).  I however believe it should be in the hell spawn family (evil vulgaris). 

Worse than swine flu - the viral ground-elder


It’s now March and the garden is now full of tiny little sprouting ground-elder shoots that are currently laughing at me from their tiny nooks and crannies that they know I shall never be able to eradicate them from.  Or so they think.  My Father has given me the family flame thrower.  Of course there is a fairly high risk that once lit it could flatten half of Monmouthshire, but I’m sure they won’t mind as at least the ground-elder will surely suffer.  

  Oh yes, we’ll see who’s smiling soon.  Wah ha ha …..



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  1. garden sheds can provide comfort specially in the hot summer months ;-~

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